CSPE President, Nader Shareghi, shares his report with us from this year's NSPE PE Conference in Dallas, Texas (June 22-24, 2016):

2016 Professional Engineers Conference / NSPE Annual Meeting

The 2016 annual conference was held in Dallas Texas from June 22 through June 26th  in partnership with Texas Society of professional Engineers. The conference was opened by the current NSPE president Tim Austin with 500 plus in attendance.  Tim stated that there has been an increase in participation since the use and implementation of Race to Relevance and Road to Relevance.  There has been an increased interest and participation in NSPE and more attention given by the governmental agencies such as EPA to NSPE’s involvement in decisions related to the infrastructure since the Mining disaster at the Gold king Mine and a number of catastrophic incidents at Chemical facilities.  EPA asked NSPE to submit comments on proposed rules that would require PEs on audit teams.  NSPE has also been involved with a number of other projects and issue such as the Autonomous Vehicles, protecting the License, involvement in a number of advocacies for Licensed Engineers to be involved with Oil and Gas Sector, Emission Standards, etc.

NSPE has published a pamphlet called NSPE Year in Review 2015-16 that has listed a number of these items that NSPE has been involved with.

The conference opening session Key Note Speaker was Dr. Nancy Currie-Gregg, a NASA astronaut in charge of the Engineering Safety Program who talked about the Colombia disaster and how to build a high-reliability organization.  She spoke about her experience at NASA and the cause of the accident. She mentioned that something which had been identified as a possible risk was ignored because it had not caused a problem previously and it had become the norm to ignore the warning signs. The foam that had come off during the take-off had previously been noticed but it had not caused a problem.  This was ultimately indented as the cause of the explosion that destroyed Space Shuttle Colombia.

There were a number of very interesting topics and sessions, which are mostly available on the NSPE’s website for those who are interested. These included presentations on construction projects such as The Dallas Horseshoe Project, Dallas Love Field, Designing the Dallas Cowboys’ Home (A Structural Perspective). It also included topics such as The Outlook for  Energy (a view to 2014), Changing Regulations of the Professional Engineer, Engineering Impact of Drone technology, Solving the Water Shortage, Indisputable Tools for Conflict Resolution, Autonomous Vehicles and a number of other interesting subjects and topics.

The House of Delegates met on Saturday.  The usual business was conducted which included election of the 2016-17 Vice President and a Director, Membership at Large.  Michael Aitken was elected for the VP position and Kevin Cooper was elected for the Director, Membership at Large. PP 168 was passed after a lengthy discussion and a number of pro and con statement from various delegates.  

Next year’s annual conference will be held in Atlanta Georgia from July 18-23.

Nader Shareghi

San Joaquin Valley, 2016

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