The Virtual Chapter connects Professional Engineers across California using teleconferences, webinars and a mix of social media and in-person events. We're your professional retreat, where ideas on engineering ethics, career development, licensure and public advocacy all come together.


CSPE Program Themes for 2018

Our themes for connecting California Engineers across the state are:

I. The Future of Professional Engineering
II. Professional Engineering in California
III. Governmental Affairs Important to California PEs
IV. Careers, Entrepreneurship, and Networking



CSPE-VC is the virtual, alternate universe, alter ego of the California Society of Professional Engineers. We're open to any CSPE member, even if you're registered with a physical chapter. 

Professional Engineers champion the health, safety and welfare of the public, all advanced by a professional license. 

But a career as an EIT or PE goes much further beyond how we obtain licensure.  

There's a richly textured career path that comes with professional engineering. We're here so you can connect with other California Engineers working at all stages throughout the career spectrum.

We're engineering focused without being blindsided by career fluctuations organic to any professional life. So CSPE-VC was formed as place where we can put our minds together. 

And you can do all these things from the touch screen of your smartphone, from your laptop while aboard a plane, from the comfort of your favorite couch at home (when we say business casual, we emphasize the casual). 




Getting involved is easy, whether you want to help lead the charge or just want to pop in to gain knowledge on the latest issues and events involving California Engineers.

  • Sharpen Your Leadership Skills - Step up to lead a task force within CSPE to practice valuable leadership capabilities that are naturally re-applicable to your place of work. Partner across the State, or from California to National, to make a meaningful difference.

  • Be a Steward of the Profession - Enhance your marketing, personal branding and engineering skills by promoting engineering licensure and champion the public image of the engineer.

  • Grow Your Network - Go beyond emails and trading business cards. Collaborate with engineers across multiple disciplines and industries, all who foster the sense of impact as you.

  • Grow the Talent Pipeline - Mentor, coach and challenge the next generation of engineers, whether it's summoning  your inner math wiz to help with Mathcounts, helping STEM students design the interaction between humans and technology in Future Cities, or helping guide the careers of engineering students in a local chapter.

..the individual engineer renders his contribution toward making engineering a better and more satisfying profession than he found it.
— David Steinman (1886-1960), founder NSPE